Developing tools to enable during prototyping workshops

Thoughts on white board

Thoughts on white board

The image above shows the white board as we discussed the process of collecting sounds at Speke Hall in Liverpool We made two columns the one on the left documents all the activity needed and who did what to collect and work with sounds. The column on the right shows activity with proposed collection module.

In the left hand column we found that although the Co-researchers did capture sounds on recorders as they went around Speke Hall they found it difficult to listen back to what they had recorded. They were also not able to engage much with the rest of the process as the sounds needed to be up loaded on to a laptop to be converted in to the correct file format to go onto the SD cards. While one or two Co-Researchers did review the sounds there were so many we need to edit and whittle down the amount for them to choose from. When choosing how the sounds were activated there was also alot of support needed and Nic built the interactive systems for their sounds.

In the right hand column we noted down the activity of our sound collection module. The module would be able to capture a limited number of sounds up to 6 was suggested and would only be able to record for a short time around 20secs (this was determined by the cards we are using to make the module although I would like a longer time this would make the unit bigger?) The record button would be big and red and light up when recording and switch off when record space is full. To hear what was recorded you pull the cord that also acts as a lanyard so you can where the unit round your neck. This means the Co-researchers could make careful choices about which sounds they recorded, hear them back immediately and keep reviewing what they have. This would remove alot of activity that Nic engaged with on the laptop. The sound collection module has a connector at its base that would link it to the Little Bits kit so the Co-researcher would be able to plug in various sensors to trigger sounds directly to the module removing the need for Nic to connect stuff with Arduino. The module is designed to promote enagement for the Co-Researchers during the prototype workshops stage. We still envisage a stage of creating a more robust model that would enhance the Co-researchers ideas using the Arduino at later stage of development.

Sound Collection Module Mockup with Little Bits connection at base. Red record button and cord to pull for play back and to wear round neck

Sound Collection Module Mockup with Little Bits connection at base. Red record button and cord to pull for play back and to wear round neck

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