Selecting sounds

A circuit has been designed around the ISD1820PY chips which allows up to 12 of them to be used in a single device.

As mentioned in previous posts, the method of selecting which sound ‘file’ to play or record must be kept as simple as possible. We also want to make every action or method of interacting with the device distinct. The main idea has been a rotating section, either a ring or the entire top of the device, which ‘clicks’ round.

Colours, textures, or embossed indicators (numbers, braille, or abstract symbols) will be used on the top section to differentiate between the sections.

The ‘golf ball’ design shown earlier, though it looks a little like a microphone and provides a good surface to grip, does not do this, and so a few other designs have been created.


The first concept was a similar image to a ‘Trivial Pursuit’ counter, with the distinctive pie wedges. This design provides plenty of space on its top surface for indication markers (coloured surfaces are used to indicate the sections here, but can be replaced with other methods later). The grooved lines match up with similar grooves in the body of the device, allowing users to check if the sections are lined up correctly.

ImageThis dome-shaped version should provide a more ergonomic gripping surface, at the cost of size. The curved surfaces are also harder to print or emboss indicator markers on.

It should be the same white colour as the other designs- this screenshot is grey.

ImageThis hexagonal one was created because I was looking at bolts earlier. It’s similar to the ‘pie wedges’ design in terms of usability and practicality.

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4 Responses to Selecting sounds

  1. katefraser says:

    Hexagonal one is Kassie and I’s favourite but with the colour an division on the top surface like the circular one with the segments meeting at the lanyard.

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