MERL planning

Kate and I are planning to hold a preliminary sensory session with a group from Mencap at MERL in September. Hopefully this will be a good time to test out the audio prototype and some ideas planned for the Autumn sessions.

Entrance to MERL

Entrance to MERL

We visited the museum and the archive at MERL

Invisible Horse

Invisible Horse

duck basket

Duck Basket

Threshing Machine Working Model

Threshing Machine Working Model

We considered existing objects that could contain sensor and listened for sounds used in the existing collection.

Listening to Crafts

Listening to Crafts

Display with sound

Display with sound

We found that videos are used in the museum although most of the films have no actual sounds of the activity instead a narrator describes the activity. The videos of crafts pictured below do feature sounds of the process.

Harness Making

Harness Making

Here is a compilation of the range of sensors and outputs we can use, or could make ourselves (to be compatible with LittleBits) to get an idea of how much choice we really have! (the ones marked in bold are already available to purchase in LittleBits)

Sensors: light, sound, bend, roll switch, toggle, motion, pressure, slide dimmer, pulse, time sensor, stretch, tilt, accelerometer, blow, proximity

Output: fan, light, sound, buzzer, motor, vibration, rgb LED, bargraph, smell (based on olly factory/aroma company), video

Also, LittleBits supply AND and OR logic gates which add complexity to the circuits.

Just as a log: In our meeting last week, we also talked about practical ways to introduce and demonstrate the co-researchers to the concept of the different sensors overcoming the problem that the sensors don’t look like what they do (e.g proximity sesnsor looks like a phone). Here is a list of some of the ways we discussed:

light sensor in a box, bend sensor in a foam noodle, pressure sensor in a stress ball or shoe, blow sensor in a windmill, motion sensor in a wand, accelerometer in a bottle with oil and water.

Please feel free to edit this post with other ideas or if I have missed anything out!


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